Charnlees Chop Chop | Johannesburg | 2008


CHARN-LEES CHOP CHOP store is the flagship for a local take out franchise that blends the best of Asian cuisine catering to a localized audience. With mall street frontage our view was to create an inviting space that introduces patrons to the new brand. This is achieved with the use of a bamboo-made arch feature, a gesture to the crossing of thresholds, referencing Japanese folklore and symbolizing a new paradigm in modern fast food cuisine. Which at this time was predominantly focused on popular fried chicken and burger outlets. The material treatment is inspired by the menu.



Light, pre prepped meals, made while you wait. Clean lines and surfaces echo the client’s preference for healthier meal alternatives. Meals are prepared in front of you through a big glass panel.


We use a pallet of white and stainless steel communicating cleanliness, green colour for vibrancy and timber bamboo to create a ‘living’ space, while referencing eastern construction. The store design is a fresh interpretation of an emerging brand looking to disrupt the market.