FIFA Football for Hope Centre | Limpopo | 2013


FFFHC - Mokopane is a project in collaboration with San Francisco based, Architecture For Humanity. Forming part of FIFAs ’20 Centres for 2010” World Cup Legacy projects spread across more than 10 countries on the African continent.

Based in Mokopane, a small town in the northern-most province of Limpopo, South Africa. The project is centred around two symbiotic components: A community centre facility building with a 5-a-side artificial turf football pitch. Echoing FIFAs commitment to progressive social change through the sport of football.



The under 200 square metre building is hosted by the South African Red Cross Society and houses facilities that cater to  local community needs. For example, a computer lab serves as a resource and after-care centre for young school-goers and also a space for computer literacy programmes focused on adult skills training. A multi-purpose space is used primarily as a forum for community meetings and hosts typical Red Cross campaigns such as HIV/Aids awareness and general sex  health programmes for teens  while also utilized for gathering and aid dispensation in emergency situations

 that affect locals at a very grass roots level.


The soccer pitch, donated by FIFAs partners consists of: an artificial turf football pitch with full drainage system, branded sideboards and solar flood lighting which harvest the abundant Mokopane sun, making night games a possibility.  Local soccer tournaments are often hosted here on weekends.

For daily use,  The Red Cross also makes use of the space for further life training and development aimed towards at-risk and vulnerable children.  The architecture lends itself to this ethos, looking to create  a beacon of hope at grass roots level for a community with basic infrastructural needs.