House Chassungo | Angola | 2014

This project begins conceptually as a response to both local climate and context, utilizing spatial form and arrangements to take advantage of natural light and ventilation opportunities. Sandwiched between an industrial yard and open space, the building places itself on the site periphery to protect itself, thus gaining an introverted quality. The site has a 3 tier organization. Public areas facing the street determine tier 1. Living spaces are centrally positioned around green


courtyards, which become the lungs of the building taking advantage of the Benguela Current winds that cool the city’s hot humid temperatures in the evening. Here, we use a reoccurring theme of ‘inside-outside living space[s]’ by interconnecting the lounge with its flanking courtyards. The outside becomes an extension of the inside provoking gathering. Tier 3 is reserved for services as little sun can be accommodated in this zone.


Programme is vertically stacked to create private spaces on the first floor level. Here, bedroom units find themselves self contained connected by a central pyjama lounge. The main bedroom has its own wing. This exclusivity is only broken by placement of a multi-functional lounge/ bar in the south-east corner which leads one to a roof top deck where panoramic views of the city can be experienced with friends and family. This creates a complete entertainment node for the house.


The architecture of clean lines lends itself to the aspirations of the young professional owners. Stacked boxes reflect the concrete frame structure prevalent in the local industry and is expressed in form by punctures for light and cantilevers for atmosphere. A modern home for a modern family.