Cr8tive Recreation POP UP | Cape Town | 2008

CR8-REC STORE is a fun and challenging project examining an appropriate design response to the problem statement of temporal brand architecture. The team had a simple brief to showcase the international brands’ premium lifestyle products for a period of 40 days. Dynamically and Efficiently.


The conversion of the shell space was to be left as close to its original condition. To achieve this, the medium of cardboard was envisioned reinforcing the theme of

upcycling and flexible design.

Boxes become display units with none stuck to the next allowing for various patterning and composition options. The theme of cargo is well represented in store, as can be seen through repurposed shipping crates that make up the point of sale and mirror components. Pallets create the support for the central display which consists of hand painted document boxes topped with slick Perspex top. In the end nothing is lost as all materials are storage units for product to be shipped to Johannesburg for the next pop-up activation.